Xar Christy
Xar with Christy Jenkins
General Information
Species Demon

Triad Member (formerly)

Status Vanquished
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Skin Color White
Magical Characteristics
Active Powers
Portrayed By
Larry Cedar

Excommunicated years ago by The Triad for betraying them, Xar was a member of the cabal who sought to have the Charmed Ones face off against the group in retaliation for his excommunication. Xar believed that the three witches had the power to take down and finally destroy his former allies.

Warning the Charmed OnesEdit

Feeling that the only ones who stood a chance against the Triad was the Charmed Ones, Xar sent two of his followers, Ciril and an unnamed demon, to Halliwell Manor to warn the sisters that the Triad has returned and are preparing to attack. By warning the Charmed Ones, the Triad would be unable to take power over the Underworld and reclaim their title as the most powerful evil.

Kidnapping Christy JenkinsEdit

As a way to lure the Charmed Ones to the Triad and to ensure they knew of their return, Xar posed as a member of the Triad and appeared in Phoebe Halliwell's at Golden Park and kidnapped Christy Jenkins.

Xar is VanquishedEdit

When Christy was alone she alerted the Triad that someone was impersonating them, by using her power of Telepathy. The Triad realized that it was Xar because he was one of the only one who knew of the Triad's desires. The Triad confronted Xar, after which Triad member Candor vanquished him.