Shax 1
Shax as he looks at the Charmed Ones going to the Attic
General Information
Also Known As The Source's Assassin
Species Demon
Level Upper
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Grey
Distinction Grey/Pale Blue Skin
Physicality Muscular Build
Magical Characteristics
Active Powers
Method of Attack
Aerokinetic Blasting
Initial All Hell Breaks Loose
Final Charmed Again, Part 1
Non-Physical Chris-Crossed
Portrayed By
Michael Bailey Smith

Shax, the Source's Assassin, was an immensely powerful demon who murdered Charmed One, Prue Halliwell in Spring 2001. Dependent upon using wind as a method of attack, Shax was fond of attacking victims with aerokinetic blasts lethal enough to send a victim flying a great distance backwards; Prue was killed by a blast intended for Shax's initial target - Dr. Bo Griffiths.

Shax was identifiable by his grey-blue exterior and muscular stature, he had overwhelming physical strength and proved difficult to defeat, requiring all three sisters to recite his vanquish spell.

Shax and the Source of All EvilEdit

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